Fixed fillings


Fixed fillings:

  1. - tooth crowns and bridges
  2. - solid ceramic inlays and onlays Inlays und Onlays
  3. - veneers

    Tooth crowns and bridges

    Tooth crowns and bridges belong to the most popular and most used implant fillings. The tooth crown is implanted at seriously damaged single teeth, while bridges cover the lack of a small number of teeth. We differentiate between metal and gold crowns and bridges as dressing, and porcelain.
    Crowns and bridges are known for profound durability, high indelibility and fully-fledged aesthetic - they appear completely natural, their tonality is similar to the tooth color of the patient.

    Solid ceramic inlays and onlays
    Inlay and onlay fillings are an alternative for fillings following the traditional methods. They consist of a combination of gold and porcelain. A solid ceramic inlay is the most innovative solution.
    Inlay and onlay fillings are used for fillings of bigger caverns in the tooth row, especially for the side rows, where the reconstruction of the complete jaw is necessary. Inlay and onlay fillings are nowadays seen as durable, hard, break-proof and aesthetic fillings. The tooth is formed after its real nature look and constructed similar to its anatomical structure.

    Veneers characterize accurate aesthetic fillings, with the intention to improve tonality and tooth form. They correct all aesthetic disparities of teeth.



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