Removable fillings


Removable fillings:

  1. - part dentures
  2. - model casting implants
  3. - splint implants
  4. - full dentures

    Part dentures

    Part dentures replace a small number of teeth missing at the jaw. We differentiate between model casting, rail and acrylic implants.

    Model casting implants

    Model casting implants belong to the detachable implants and are used on partly preserved teeth. They are made of metal, acetate, titanium or gold. Implants made of these materials are estimated for being feathery, thin and of high durability. .
    For the construction of model casting implants, you can choose between 2 Options, the traditional implant based on brackets as well as the aesthetic implant based on telescope crowns, slides and bolts.
    slides -
    push distributor -
    bolts -

    Splint implants
    Splint implants are a kind of model casting implants for completing tooth spaces. Due to the usage of special splints and brackets, teeth are protected from being loose.

    Full dentures
    Full dentures are used at complete agomphiasis of the patients. They belong to the fixed implants, which means that they optically shorten through the years of usage. Partly implants often use additional fixing construction elements, such as brackets.



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